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Mapping ICD code to SNOMED not working in usagi

(Abhishek kumar verma) #1

We are planning to map the existing ICD code from the source to the target snomed using the usagi tool . We created excel file and put the ICD code and description and imported that file but we didnot get the mapping of the standard concepts and auto-mapping didn’t happened . Please let me know if i am doing something wrong as my goal is to convert the existing ICD codes to SNOMED .

(Don Torok) #2

First question is why are you using USAGI to map from ICD to target SNOMED rather than the vocabulary.
SELECT c1.concept_code, c2.concept_id, c2.domain_id, c2.concept_name
FROM concept c1
JOIN concept_relationship ON concept_id_1 = c1.concept_id
JOIN concept c2 ON c2.concept_id = concept_id_2
WHERE relationship_id = ‘Maps to’ AND c1.vocabulary_id = ‘ICD10CM’
AND c1.concept_code = ‘P96.5’

This should be explained in the the Book of OHDSI section 5.3.1 https://ohdsi.github.io/TheBookOfOhdsi/StandardizedVocabularies.html