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Mapping for patient referrals to specialist, etc

(John_Mysak) #1

Is visit_occurrence / visit_detail, discharge_to_concept_id. in the right arena for mapping patient referrals (e.g. to specialist) within the OMOP CDM? Or is this intended primarily (and/or only) for discharge when a patient leaves the hospital by check out process or deceased, AWOL, etc. ? I found some good discussion here

re: granularity of visits, but so far haven’t come across details on where to map/store referral information, if there’s a place.

Was this excluded intentionally from an observational health/sciences perspective ? i.e. given the limited / specialist scope of the OMOP CDM ?

(Christian Reich) #2

Should be. It’s just another way to pass a patient on from one healthcare encounter to another.

We haven’t defined that explicitly, yet. It could go into disposition, though. Can it?

Things are usually not excluded, but they are not included yet, because nobody made the proposal. Want to be the first one?

(John_Mysak) #3

Got it, thank you. I’ll have a look at using the visit_* attributes and make a related proposal if needed for our use case(s).