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Mapping Drug code


I have a simple but serious problem using Usagi.

I’m trying to map Drug local code to Rxnorm, Rxnorm Extension, and CVS. I downloaded those standard codes and built indexs in the Usagi.

But I can not select the “Drug” domain from “Filter by domain” Filters.

I executed the Usagi without setting the “Filter by domain” and the mapping result was incorrect.

I would like to know why this happened and how to solve that problem.

Thank you in advance.

Could you please share examples of drug concepts you are trying to map?

Depending on quantity of codes and desired mapping precision level, it may be preferable to use Build_RxE route to map drugs using attribute-based aapproach.

Hello, Youngmi!
If you want to learn more about Usagi, you can watch this video. Maybe, it will help you with your problem

Good find, @Varvara_Savitskaya!

Dear Youngmi @maryhan01 ,
what kind of drug codes are you trying to map? Is this about vaccines?
I am no Usagi expert, but maybe you have been too strict when selecting vocabularies for Usagi to use? Did you deselect all other Vocabularies and download / used only RxNorm, RxNorm Extension and CVX (as there is no CVS vocabulary)? Maybe Usagi feels a little bit in the dark without some of the default vocabularies.
As @Eduard_Korchmar has already mentioned, Usagi sometimes has a hard time in automatic drug mapping, but it is worth a try of course.
Let us know if you want to have someone looking over your shoulder for your next try.
Cheers - Mik

Hello @Varvara_Savitskaya

Thank you so much!!

I’m sorry for my delayed reply.

Now, I am running Usagi again.

Thanks again for your novel information.


I am running the Usagi1.4.3.

I have met the same situation as previously I mentioned

The following figure was taken from my monitor.
I built the indexes for Drugs that were downloaded from Athena. The vocabularies are RxNorm, RxNorm Extension, and CVX.

The sample drug data:
|no|local_code1|local_name1|edi_code|ATC code|

|1|ZOVIR-I|ZOVIRAX 250MG|642503100|J05AB01|
|2|PENBRX-I|PENBREX VIAL 500 MG|642401621|J01CA01|
|3|FRAXIPA|FRAXIPARINE 2850IU.AXA |650001590|B01AB06|
|4|GEMTA2|GEMTABIN VIAL 2 G|644303580|L01BC05|
|5|GEMTA2-I|GEMTABIN VIAL 2 G|644303581|L01BC05|

Rebuilding the indexes has no problem, but while importing the source codes has the problem. I can not choose “Drug” domain in the “Filter by domain:”

I met a very similar situation few months ago, I tried to map the “Measurement” domain, and at that time I could not select the “Measurement” domain in the “Filter by domain:,” even though I built the index for Measurement domain.
At that time, I deleted the Usagi1.3.0.jar file, download Usagi1.3.0 file again, and run it again, then I had solved the problem for “Measurement.”

I would like to know why this problem happened and how to solve it.