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Mapping Department Specialty to Care_Site

We are trying to map Department specialties (e.g. Vascular surgery, Pediatric Gastroenterology etc.) to their corresponding Concept_IDs and populate ‘Care_Site.place_of_service_concept_id’ column of OMOP. However, when I follow the OHDSI recommendations (https://ohdsi.github.io/CommonDataModel/cdm60.html#CARE_SITE -> acceptedConcepts hyperlink), I do not find most of the departments under ‘visit’ domain, which is a pre-selected filter in Athena.
My question is, is it necessary to keep the DomainID=visit while mapping department-specialty to care_site? What should be our next step, when we don’t find a matching conceptID while keeping the preset filters (DomainID=Visit, Concept=Standard) e.g. Gastroenterology is not under ‘visit’ domain, but is under ‘Observation’ domain?
P.S. I’ve gone through this discussion : CARE_SITE and LOCATION in context of providers and visit_details


You are right. We have specialties neither on the Care Site level, nor on the Visit level as a standardized representation. The rationale is that specialties are defined on the Provider level, since they have to pass a board exam. I realize that it is very common to have things like “Surgery department” and a “Internal Medicine Ward”. But their definition is so vague (e.g. septic surgery or orthopedic surgery may or may not be part of your general surgical one, and cardiology may or not be part of the internal medicine) that it is doubtful if you could compare any two Care Sites with the same “specialty” attached to it. And the OMOP CDM is for doing research in a network. But you could still keep the name in the care_site_name field of the CARE_SITE table and use it for local research.