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Mapping and Storing Preventative Medical Examination Data in OMOP CDM

Hello OHDSI community,

In Chile, we have EMPA (Preventive Medicine Examination), a brief procedure involving a series of questions, weight and height measurements, waist circumference, evaluation of Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure measurement, and blood tests. This procedure is crucial for our use case, as we aim to transform data from patients diagnosed with cancer and characterize them, including information about whether they have previously undergone an EMPA.

The EMPA encompasses various events such as visits, measurements, questionnaires, observations, among others. We are seeking guidance on the best practice for storing this information in OMOP CDM. At first glance, it seems that the procedure itself could be recorded in the PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE table. However, we wonder what to do with individual items, such as blood test results. Should these be stored separately in the MEASUREMENTS table? Or is there another way to relate the EMPA to its multiple results? Is it possible to relate this procedure to other events in some way?

We greatly appreciate your suggestions and guidance.


Hello @Alonso,

I would consider the EMPA to be a Visit. And during this Visit, the person undergoes an exam which includes the questions, measurements, and procedures/tests you describe above. You should create one record in the Visit Occurrence table for the EMPA. And then create additional records for the questions, measurements, procedures/tests, and other clinical events which happen during the EMPA. All the clinical event records will link to the EMPA Visit by FK-PK relationship. I would use concept_id = 32693, Health exam to distinguish the EMPA visits from other types of visits. However, any concept_id where domain_id = ‘Visit’ and standard_concept = ‘S’ is in alignment with the conventions for the Visit Occurrence table.


Hi @MPhilofsky ,

Thank you for your prompt response and valuable insights. Using the concept_id 32693, and distinguishing EMPA visits from other types of visits makes a lot of sense. I will proceed with creating records in the Visit Occurrence table for EMPA and additional records for the specific events during the exam, linking them through FK-PK relationships.

Your guidance is greatly appreciated.