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Mapeamento SIGTAP - OMOP

Bugs na interface do Usagi (para @MaximMoinat):

  1. Quando se muda de Flag: EQUAL para Flag:WIDER ela não volta para EQUAL quando você seleciona a próxima droga! Não percebi e o Usagi colocou WIDER em vários mapeamentos por engano.
  2. Não dá para marcar e copiar um texto na interface. Ela não deixa marcar o texto e quando se usa cntr-c cntr-v ela cópia a linha inteira. Isso atrapalha pois as vezes quero copiar uma string para buscar no Athena ou no Google.
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Hi, just discovered this great thread on Usagi (thanks to the mention, and Google Translate…).

Firstly @lauro_br, I gosto your Equivalence slide! I might adapt this for my own presentations on Usagi, if that is okay with you. Ps. what is your opinion on equal/equivalent distinction? Does it help or is it only confusing?

Then @Fred, Usagi usually gives that ‘NumberFormatException’ if there is non-number in the frequency field. Try to import without frequency column to see if that is indeed the issue.

Regarding the issues reported by @dilvan:

  1. I am aware of that behaviour. In some cases you might want to repeat the same status in subsequent mappings. However, I agree that this is confusing and I created an issue: https://github.com/OHDSI/Usagi/issues/152
  2. For that, there is a feature since v1.3 to link out directly to Athena or Google. See the menu View->Search Athena. Or alt-a.

About the 2nd bug, users may want to copy terms in the UI for a number of reasons. I do not see why they shouldn’t be able to mark and copy -paste strings from the Usagi UI. It’s something that users take it for granted.

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Hi @MaximMoinat

Thanks for helping us in Portuguese Forum :fist_right: :fist_left:

I did this slide to explain the equivalence process in our project. Images are better than text!
You can use as you want
I confess that I still have difficulties in equal/equivalent distinction. It’s a linguistic/logic concept that I have to study deeper. If you have a simple explanation of the difference, I would appreciate a lot

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Oi @MaximMoinat !

O slide foi criado pelo @carlosalcampos, também me ajudou bastante.
Entendo que dois termos são iguais quando possuem mesma escrita e significado. E equivalentes quando diferem na escrita mas significam a mesma coisa, por exemplo: radiografia panorâmica facial (termo mais usado no Brasil) equivale a ortopantomografia (termo americano).


There is the issue, I think I understand, but it is very hard to explain. I think that already makes it confusing and therefore I am thinking about removing ‘equivalent’ from the UI in a next release.

That is a nice explanation actually!