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Many domain="Type Concept" stoped being standard. What to do?

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #1

We use “Primary Condition” and “Secondary Condition” in condition_type_concept_id to differentitate the level of diagnose.

However, I notice that several of the codes under domain=“Type Concept” are now non-standard.
(It has not been updated in Atlas-demo


Now, the accepted concepts for condition_type_concept_id are now significantly less.

How should we keep the same info as before: “Primary Condition” and “Secondary Condition”

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #2

I actually found this conversation

Where Primary / Secondady should be set in CONDITION_STATUS_CONCEPT_ID

But now I have the question, how to use Atlas to filter based on CONDITION_STATUS_CONCEPT_ID ??

(Chris Knoll) #3

This will be an option in the 2.8 release, which should be released by end of year.

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #4

That is great, looking forward
The new organization looks much cleaner,