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Lot Number on vaccine data

Colorado has vaccine registry data which does not contain a NDC, RxNorm or CVX code. However, most of the data have lot numbers and manufacturer. Along with various names/descriptions for the drug. I can’t find any information letting me know if the combination of a lot number and manufacturer would map to a NDC, RxNorm or CVX. I would think the lot number/manufacturer would map to a specific NDC, but don’t know if there is a central repository for such data. Has anyone tried this approach?

“These files contain all lots for COVID-19 vaccines made available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for distribution in the United States. The downloadable file includes the manufacturer, the National Drug Codes (NDCs) for Unit of Sale (boxes/cartons) and Unit of Use (vials) for each lot number, and the manufacture date and expiration date.”

Thank you very much, @amargulis!

I’ve sent an email to the CDC to obtain registration.

VAERS data include vaccine lot numbers. Is there a mapping table from the lot number to NDC codes? I can download lot numbers from US CDC only for COVID vaccines. Where can I download lot numbers for seasonal flu vaccines? Thank you!

Hello @Cindy_Zhou and welcome to OHDSI,

I asked the this same question and few others to the CDC about 18 months ago. While they have many crosswalks and mappings available for use, they didn’t have lot number to NDC code for other types of vaccines. Most mappings are between code systems. Since it’s been a while since I asked, you might want to ask the CDC if they have and could make the lot number to NDC mapping available.

Thank you! I emailed CDC and confirmed that only lot numbers for Covid-19 vaccines are available to download.