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Looking for Winter Break Plans? We've Got an Idea for You!

Looking for something to do on Winter Break?? Still not sure what to ask Santa for Christmas? :santa:

The OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute, in conjunction with Bouvé College of Health Sciences Department of Health Sciences, at Northeastern University will be offering its first ever intersession course on OHDSI community research methods!

Taught by @Christian_Reich and myself.

Course Name: HSCI 5963: Responding to a Global Pandemic
About: A special topics course specifically designed to traverse how open science responded to the pandemic. This includes delving into the 88-hour study-a-thon process and the science we’ve created as an OHDSI community since. The course will provide learners the opportunity to understand new methods for epidemiological data analysis using the backdrop of the COVID-19 global pandemic response.
Dates: Jan 3 - Jan 14 (MTWTh 1:35-3:35PM ET) – online only
Credits: 1 credit hour (pass/fail)

Course learning objectives

  • Identify the key concepts of real world data and real world evidence in healthcare
  • Describe the existing sources of Real World Data (RWD, routinely collected data) for observational research
  • Describe how real world data can inform decision making in characterizing disease, predicting patterns of disease and estimating safety and efficacy of treatments
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of an observational health analysis focused on COVID-19

The fine print
This is a credit-bearing course offered at standard tuition rates for BCHS. Students outside of Northeastern University and Northeastern employees may take a class as a special/non-degree-seeking student. Registration is limited to the first 35 people. Information on how to register here. (Note: Due to the limited nature of this intersession, students are not exempt from HSCI 5130 when available in Fall 2022.)

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Have posted to the EHDEN DL as well @krfeeney :slight_smile:

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