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Looking for something similar to 3M's Clinical Risk Group (CRG)

(Fred R.) #1


I’m looking for publicly available version of something similar to 3M’s CRG. Is there such a thing?


(Christian Reich) #2


We do not, neither 3M’s or anybody elses risk group categories. Should we? Do you have a scientific use case for this in context with longitudinal data?

(Fred R.) #3

it is mentioned in this paper as a way to to characterize disease burden. We are working on a similar model and was looking for something similar. 3M CRG is proprietary so wondering if there is something else similar available.

DuBard, C. A., & Jackson, C. T. (2018). Active redesign of a medicaid care management strategy for greater return on investment: Predicting impactability. Population Health Management, 21 (2), 12-109. doi:10.1089/pop.2017.0122