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Looking for reliable list of valid topography/histology combinations (ICD-O-3)


(Eduard Korchmar (Terminologist @ Odysseus Vocabulary Team)) #1

In our current efforts to rework and streamline implementation of ICDO3 vocabulary in CDM we encountered a problem when determining which combinations of topographies and morphologies are valid and should be included as Condition concepts.

The SEER Site/Histology Validation list seems to be painfully incomplete and does not include coordinated codes that are already present in CDM tables from other sources. For example, leiomyoma of corpus uterivery common diagnosis. In fact, only benign leiomyomas SEER has are of ‘OTHER NERVOUS SYSTEM’, and such diagnosis is probably rarely encountered in reality.

European IACR site also provides coordination, but only in form of ‘most commonly encountered’ topographies per morphology list, not mentioning exclusivity and only for some morphologies.

Is there a comprehensive, regularly updated list of valid ICD-O-3 combinations available? How could we make sure that all combinations encountered in actual data will have concepts representation?

ICD-O-3 Codes
(Polina Talapova) #2

@Eduard_Korchmar Is there any update on this issue from that time? :slight_smile: