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Looking for OMOP CDM data of COVID suspects/patients with Chest CT scans

Hi guys,

this is Ian (Yi) Kang, an enthusiastic learner of OMOP CDM. Thx to Korean, Chinese, Australian, US and many more scholars whose talks and videos helped me to get started, conceptually.

A real case came to me this week, from a local Thoracic Surgeon, whom I’ve been trying to convince, to convert clinical data into OMOP CDM for int’l research collaboration. Being the head of the Chest Dpt. in a top hospital and a researcher of lung cancer himself, he always stresses the importance of early screening of pulmonary nodules via CT scans and wishes to have large amount of data for research, in the field such as the percentage of lung nodules turned out to be cancer and countermeasures.

Unexpectedly, this data became available in large quantities and started to accumulate in China, when coronavirus broke out 2 yrs ago, and chest CT scans were recommended frequently on suspected COVID cases in Chinese hospitals. He’s been convinced that multi-centric studies on his research interests would be more beneficial than on his own, and he’d like to know upfront if there are Western countries/hospitals who also take CT scans frequently/compulsively on COVID suspects and patients. If so, he is willing to implement data conversion into CDM and try it out, with IT assistance from the technical team in the hospital and data analysts from companies like my employer.

I was wondering if anyone in the community could give me a hint on his request. Thank you all very much for having this open community and free sharing, I am looking forward to get hands-on soon. Best Regards, Ian.

Hello, @yikang01223 Wecome!

In this case, the Medical Image Work Group can be a good venue for him, which is led by me and @Paul_Nagy. We have upcoming meetings at 26th Jan 7AM EST (9PM Korean time) and 9th Feb 7PM EST (10th Feb 9AM Korean time).

I recommend you/him to join this team through MS teams: registration link

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Thank you very much, Prof. You, for your prompt replay and kind invitation. I am more than happy to join you online on 26th/Jan. for further learning and will certainly pass the invitation to the surgeon.

How big the chance is there, do you reckon, for this surgeon to find existing CDM database(s) outside China like his own, i.e. containing large amount of Chest CT scans after COVID-19 broke out 2 yrs ago? Are there any features do you want to know about the surgeon’s data base? My email is yikang01223@hotmail.com, for your ref. Best Regards, Ian.

Hi Chan, I’ve registered twice by clicking the link at the end of your last message and answered a few questions on the webpage. Am I in, yet? I don’t see an invitation in my inbox at yikang0208@gmail.com, nor at my MS Team a/c registered with the same email. Your advice is mostly welcomed. Hope to join you and Paul on MS Team at 9pm on 26th. @SCYou ian

Hi Yi Kang
I entered your email into Teams and the Medical Imaging WG and sent you an email with how to create your Teams account

Hope this helps

Hi Elisse
I also registered. Please add me into Teams as well. Thank you very much.


Great, thank you very much, Elisse. ian