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Looking for information about prescription orders(if drug is new RX or existing RX)

(Paola Suarez) #1

Dear Community,

We want to figure out if a medication in the drug exposure table is a new medication or an existing one. We have identified this information under order class-with a value of historical med in other data from our EHR, but can not find it in our OMOP data. Was wondering if this information is generally converted into the OMOP standard and put in another table (i.e. observation).

Thank you for any information you can provide!

(Christian Reich) #2


Not sure what you mean. The data are longitudinal over time. When there was a prescription you have it in the DRUG_EXPOSURE. The first such record is the first prescription.

(Paola Suarez) #3

Hi Christian,

Thank you! I was wondering if there is a variable in omop (either standard or source) that indicates weather that first prescription was really the first one ever taken by the patient for that particular drug or a historical med. Maybe it is the first prescription at the particular hospital but they have had it before elsewhere and it was documented in the EHR. I thought maybe in the observational table there might be a variable for this.

(Christian Reich) #4


No, there isn’t. There is the concept of history of, but not the reverse. There generally is not much support for negative facts in the OMOP CDM. It just says what is.