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Locatin_history.relationship_type_concept_id finding the good concepts

Dear colleagues!

I faced with a problem when I’m trying to create mapping for location_history.relationship_type_concept_id.
The documentation says that “Concepts in this field must be in the Location class.”. (cdm60.utf8)

In this class I found concepts for country codes but not for the kind of the location.
We rather want to store the kind of the location in this column. (If it possible.)
For example in our data source we have the following values for it and we found the following concepts for them :
Personnel Address - 42869477 - Clinical Observation
Contact Address - 36032152 - Clinical Observation
Temporary Address - -
Employer Address - 21492867 - Clinical Observation
Vacation resort - 4119856 - Location
Facility Address - 40768520 - Survey

You can see the problem, these concepts are coming from different classes.

Is there any way to storing these kind of data in this column?
Or it must be countries when we map “the relationship between the location and the PERSON entity”? (Based on the documentation and the available concepts)

Is it it possible to add new concepts to the Location class?

I know that v6.0 of the OMOP CDM is not fully supported by the OHDSI suite of tools and methods, but i think this is a common type question.
So many thanks if for you can help, or if you have any suggestion!


Adam, use the concepts you propose for the location_history.relationship_type_concept_id regardless of the concept class. Your example concepts meet the intent of the location history relationship_type, to define the relationship between the domain and the location.

Will see if anyone disagrees.

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@DTorok, thank you for your reply!
I accept your advice. It helped me a lot! :slight_smile: