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Local Athena installation


We are struggling installing a local version of Athena in our environment, we have been able to install the front end (UI) but can’t find any straight forward procedure to install the backend part.

Would it be a git link where we could find a procedure to install Athena end to end?

We are using this one for now : https://github.com/OHDSI/Athena but didn’t find any clear information on the back end installation (DB, tables, SQL scripts, etc.).

Thank you

I’ve been through some of that and organized my work installing various components in to a shell script. Not definitive, it is at git@github.com:chrisroederucdenver/omop_distro.git

I’m happy to answer any questions.

Thx Chris, we have looked at your github scripts but those one are for Atlas if i don’t misunderstood.
Our business asked us to buld a local installation of Athena so they can link their different codes with the one from couple sof vocabularies.
We thought that Atlas could provide this featrure but not sure we are align with our client on this point…:frowning:Thx

@longprem hmmm, not sure if the installation is clearly documented at this point. It should be, of course - but I think the team missed but since this component is typically not distributed.

Well, one option is to connect you to our team and they can guide through the install process

just curios, what is the use case for a local instance of ATHENA?

hi @gregk, when you say “connect you to our team” is it to install Athena or Atlas, for Atlas we got it, still have to fnish some configuraiton but mainly we are ok and what is your team (sorry im’ quite new on the forum even if we are trying to get more skills on Atals since many months)
For Atlas, the use case is that many of our data sceintist have a list of ID and Codes where they would need the get the names of each of those, the list can go from undreds to many thoushands.
Just like in the Athena web apps, where for each coupes pf ID and codes you got the names.
Thx again

@longprem yes, I also mean ATHENA. This is the platform that our team created and maintains and I would happy to assist with ATHENA installation. we will probably then also create an installation document that we can publish :slight_smile:

so how would you like to proceed? we could test and valaidate your docuement on our environment or any other proposal that could answer our and your needs.
Thx again

@longprem just wonder how’s your installation going? Our team is also interested in building Athena locally. Just wonder if you find any document valuable (besides https://github.com/OHDSI/Athena) or have any suggestion? Thanks!

Hi @longprem and @Zhaoxian_Hu, I am also curious: what is / was your use case for implementing a local ATHENA installation?
Cheers - Mik

Hi @gregk and @mik ,

I work on a project at the U of Nottingham (https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/news/co-connect-funding), and we would benefit from a local instance of Athena. Would you have, by chance, some guidelines to help it the installation process based on the discussion above?

We have a team working on converting multiple datasets into one OMOP CDM instance. We decided to lock the project on a particular version of the vocabularies (downloaded at some point early this year) to avoid having datasets mapped at a different point in time using distinct (but similar) codes. It has worked well so far, but our team would benefit from an Athena instance pointing to our vocabulary version.

I would appreciate any help.

Many thanks

Hi @longprem, @gregk:

We are interested in installing the Athena locally.

Could you please point to an installation document if available?