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List of LOINC codes for pharmacovigilance or post marketing studies?

Dear members,

I’m looking for a list of LOINC lab codes for pharmacovigilance or post-market drug studies.

The idea is to reduce the effort of mapping to a set of lab codes the most frequently used in such studies.

Do you know if OHDSI member or an institution such as (e.g. FDA, NLM,) or an SDO (e.g CDISC) ) have proposed a list of top LOINC codes to map for this kind of use case?

Best regards.


Dear @Marc,

I am unsure if such a specific LOINC code set exists.
It may be wise to ask to the LOINC team about that.

Nevertheless, the US-FDA is sponsoring an effort to bring lab systems & reagents manufacturers 1) map of their product to LOINC codes and 2) publish their LOINC mapping in a standardized format. For more information, please visit

This means that you may already get some of your lab systems & reagents mapped to LOINC from your manufacturers, even in France :wink:
Being involved in that SHIELD initiative, if I can be of any help please let me know, I’ll be pleased to help.


@Marc: post-marketing studies are prospective studies. You don’t need to use any standard, except what’s defined in CDSIC. But if you want to choose to use LOINC codes to define your variables, just do it. LOINC has a whole lot of lab tests, maybe that’s what you mean by “list of LOINC lab codes”. Pick the codes for the lab tests required in your protocol.