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List of boutique companies hire-able to do epi studies (RWE studies?)

(Shawn Dolley) #1

Hi - anyone know of or have a list of freelancers or boutique consultants who can answer questions with real-world data, generate real-world evidence. Not looking for techies, more looking for folks who can do the studies, who happen to not be in pharma, and not in academia. I think there is a company called Outcomes Insights who does this who is small, not sure if there are other individual consultants or small shops.

(Mark Danese) #2

@shawndolley That is us (Outcomes Insights). Let me know if we can be of help.

Jon Fryzek (EpidStrategies) and Dave Gilbertson (CDRG) are some others who do great work. There are others too (apologies for drawing a blank at the moment).