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List and coding of medical specialties for providers

(Aaron Abend) #1

We are using OMOP to integrate data from various patient-powered registries. An important data element is the medical specialty of the provider who made the patient’s diagnosis. It provides some indication of the quality of the diagnosis (we presume).

There appear to be different lists of specialties. Is anyone out there recording this information in their database and, if you are, are the specialties coded with SNOMED or some other system, and which one?


Aaron Abend
Autoimmune Registry

(Don Torok) #2

The rule for populating the Specialty_concept_id in the provider table is that the concept be a standard concept, standard_concept=‘S’ and belong to the Provider domain, domain_id = ‘Provider’. Choose a specialty concept that meets this criteria.

(Seng Chan You) #3

The preferred concept-ids for provider specialty for Korean community is listed in here.

(Aaron Abend) #4

Thanks! I found that this leads to the same list as CMS uses, so that looks good.