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Linking transfusion (procedure_occurrence) to units used (device_exposure)

For a database regarding blood products, I would like to link transfusions, SNOMED concepts recorded in procedure_occurrence, to details of the units used, ISBT concepts in device_exposure.

To accomplish this it appears that I should use the fact_relationship table, using concepts 44818787 and 44818885, “Has procedure device (SNOMED)” and " Procedure device of (SNOMED)", respectively.

Would this be an appropriate approach? Is there a better way?


That would be the way, but is it necessary? In our source data, the most robust blood transfusion data come from the ISBT codes. The record count almost exactly matches the director of the Blood Bank’s numbers for types and number of transfusion. If a person has a record for an ISBT, we know the person received a transfusion. It’s the gold standard. Knowing a person received the “Device” transfusion, we also know this was done by procedure. It’s the same as saying an iv drug was given after a venipuncture procedure. I don’t think you need the procedure record. Can you just assume every blood transfusion comes with a procedure? What’s the use case for the procedure record?

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Thank you for your very prompt response.

That’s a good question. The decision to include a procedure occurrence record should be reconsidered.

How do you handle the Indication for transfusion? The method intended has been to use a Note record linked to the Procedure record. I reckon that the Note could just as easily be linked to the Device record.

  • Note.Event_Field_Concept_ID=1147810, indicating that Note.Note_Event_ID links to a Procedure_Occurrence record
  • Note.Note_Event_ID=Procedure_Occurrence.Procedure_Occurrence_ID
  • Note.Note_Title=’Indication’
  • Note.Note_Class_Concept_ID= 1176040 (“Blood banking & transfusion medicine procedure note”)

Yes, do the above.

Yes, except use concept_id = 1147117 because these data link to Device

Note.Note_event_id = device_exposure.device_exposure_id

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