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Limit cohort entry event to visit with a specific care_site_id


(Gigi Lipori) #1

In atlas, if I want to limit cohort entry to a set of visits with a specific care_site_id, how do I do that?

Trying to do something like this: SELECT * FROM omop.visit_detail where care_site_id = 397812221;

Truly appreciate any guidance.

(Chris Knoll) #2

You’ll have to write custom sql from that. Typically, we don’t support criteria based on the ID of a record since that doesn’t have utility in the context of a network study. Instead, you’d use attributes of the care site/ place of service to be more specific about a care site, and if you notice any missing attributes from the criteria builder, then make it known and it’s possible the tools can be extended.

(Gigi Lipori) #3

That’s what it seemed like but I wanted to ensure I wasn’t being obtuse. Thanks much!