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Licensing terms for vocabulary download


Can someone point me to the resource that describes licensing requirements for downloading terminologies via Athena? E…g is download and use permitted in all countries, or are there by-countr, by-terminology, used-by (academic vs private company) restrictions?

Some do state license, such as CPT-4, but for SNOMED CT there are no details such as those on https://www.snomed.org/get-snomed. Specifically “Licensing” section states:

“If you are using and/or deploying SNOMED CT in a non-Member country/territory, you are required to apply for a license through the Member Licensing & Distribution Service (MLDS) on an annual basis. All license holders in non-Member countries or territories are required to submit a Statement of Usage via MLDS on an annual basis. Invoices are issued once annually.”

Similarly, RxNorm is free for use in the US. Is it also free in countries such as Singapore.

Lastly, LOINC is free for use everywhere, but per LOINC’s “Copyright and Terms of Use regarding LOINC Complete” the user (who downloads LOINC) has to explicitly check the box to agree to these Terms of Use.

Thank you.

the vocabularies that are not specifically stated to require a license in Athena are open source as a part of OMOP and OHDSI tools. Some of them, such as SNOMED, do have restrictions you pointed out, but as long as you use them for research with OHDSI and do not extract vocabs and redistribute them, you are good to go.
The exact citations of documents can be found in this topic.
Hope that helps:)