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Licensing Terms associated with AMA CPT codes

Hi, I’m curious about downloading the AMA CPT Codes. Does the AMA require more than the EULA? Is there a click-through agreement for downloading/using CPT codes? Any other contractual obligations?


The EULA is it. And we have only the right to distribute the CPT4 codes to you, not the associated descriptions. Only the NLM and the CMS can do that. Which is why you need to use your UMLS account to obtain the full information using the CPT jar program we distribute with the vocabularies.

Makes sense?

Hi Christian, Thanks for the quick response.

It is my understanding that use rights for CPT codes and descriptions come from the AMA, not CMS or NLM.

Correct. The AMA gave the NLM and the CMS a full re-distribution license. Everybody else won’t get that. The AMA gave us a re-distribution license for the codes, only.