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Launching the Generative AI and Analytics in Healthcare Workgroup

GAIA medium with text

I know there are a lot of people working on generative AI and foundational models in OHDSI, and I think it would be good to at least be aware of each other and what we’re doing. This is why I’m launching the Generative AI and Analytics in Healthcare (GAIA) Workgroup.

To be clear, this includes both research around applying existing generative language models such as ChatGPT, as well as training new foundational models, either on textual data or structured data such as the data in the OMOP CDM. I thought about splitting these up, but I hope that at some point they will converge.

If you’re interested, please visit the Team I set up in our OHDSI Teams environment.

I hope to have monthly meetings, and if you’d like to join please fill in the poll for picking the time and day.


It may be due to my account type (Guest), but I don’t seem able to join with that direct link. Would this need to be added to the Workgroup MS Form?


Me too, I can’t seem to join

I’m actually looking to collaborate on projects that involves real world healthcare Data…

Anyone doing any machine learning/artificial intelligence project in any area relating to that could contact me, I would render assistance to the best of my ability… I’m a pharmacist and data scientist.

Hello. I also have a guest-type ID, so I can’t participate. I really want to join. Please let me know if there’s another way

I also have the same problem due to the guest-type account :sleepy:

Sorry about that. Please follow this link to join the Generative AI & Analytics in Healthcare workgroup.

(@hspence : it’s now been added to the form)

@schuemie hmm well this is a little awkward… :smiley:


Great minds think alike? Or more likely we’re all just running out of Greek mythology names at this point.

The real question is if rightful name ownership is determined by strength of conceptual alignment to the deity, or instead by strength and flow of the acronym? Maybe it says in the Book of OHDSI somewhere.

I hope I speak for @Andrew and @kzollove when I say - we are prepared to barter and have had our eyes on the name ATLAS for awhile.

Great idea! Joining now!

Ah, sorry about that. It seems the name GAIA is indeed already taken.

A workgroup doesn’t really need an acronym, so I’ll just remove it. We are now the Generative AI and Analytics Workgroup.

And the votes are in! A fairly uniform distribution across the various choices:

I have made the executive decision to go for the second Tuesday of each month, at noon Eastern Time.

However, I can’t make the second Tuesday of February, so, just to maximize chaos I also decided we’ll have our kickoff meeting on the first Tuesday of February, at noon Eastern Time.

So, please all join on February 6, at noon Eastern Time. Here’s the meeting link for the kickoff meeting. If you joined the Team I think you should have also gotten an invite by mail.

(subsequent meetings will be on the second Tuesday)

Don’t forget! Our kickoff meeting is today at noon ET (right after the community call).