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Lag time on RxNorm updates?


(Gerald Pulver) #1

margetuximab-cmkb was approved by the FDA on 16Dec2020

It has been assigned RxCUI 2474028 and NDC Codes: 74527-022-01, 74527-022-02, 74527-022-03.

While this drug appears on Athena as Concept ID 912179 mapping to a component (code 59291) from the HemOnc vocabulary, I have been unable to find concept ID for RxNorm.

Does this reflect a typical lag between approval and inclusion? I don’t mean to rush anyone; I’d just like to have reasonable expectations.


(Alexander Davydov) #2

Exactly this.
Look: https://mor.nlm.nih.gov/RxNav/search?searchBy=RXCUI&searchTerm=2474028

While in Athena we have 04-Jan-2021.

(Gerald Pulver) #3

Thank you. I’ll look forward to seeing that whenever next the RxNorm vocabulary is refreshed.