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Labcorp to LOINC mappings

In the process of mapping a commercial claims source I have encountered plenty of Labcorp panel/lab result codes. While there are some pretty nice official mappings available, for example:


Any chance these would be included in the Vocabulary at some point? I am sure I am not the only one encountering this.

Hi @Juan_Banda ,
nice suggestion. Would you happen to know where those Labcorp codes normally show up? Is this a particular dataset that you can disclose? If not, what is the rough nature of that dataset? I assume they would not be something we would regularly find in EHR data? Maybe rather outpatient (claims) data? I find it interesting that the labcorp result codes made it into claims information, not only their CPT codes. We ourselves have not come across them knowingly. If you can recruit some allies and prove the use case, we can see if we can make it happen to introduce this as a source vocabulary. They are listed at LOINC as adopters, so I would hope we could contact them and get a nice mapping table that would contain what can be found on their website for each individual test. Maybe even use their CPT mappings - if they allow us - to verify the ones we have.
Cheers ~ Mik