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KCCQ scoring code

KCCQ-12 is a widely used questionnaire and responses are recorded in OBSERVATION table. Scores are then combined into aggregate scores by domain and then overall score.
(https://www.mishc.org/sites/default/files/2022-07/KCCQ-Scoring.pdf )
I am trying to figure out how to record domain scores, such as
Physical limitation score [KCCQ] for the value “Missing” , which is when all questions in a section were answered as “Limited for other reasons or did not do the activity”. The concept 43054938 has property Score and scale Quantity, so I am assuming that my OBSERVATION for this aggregate score with observation_concept_id=43054938 has to have value_as_number populated.
Would it be wrong to record the score as OBSERVATION.value_as_concept_id= 4091278 “Number absent”" ?