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June 14 Community Call: OHDSI Scholarship (Publications in 2022)

Please join us Tuesday, June 13 (11 am ET) for our next OHDSI Community Call, which will focus on publications from our global network. Our OHDSI community produced nearly 40 peer-reviewed and published studies over the first five months of 2022, and five of the study leads will share their work on the next call:

Analysis of Dual Combination Therapies Used in Treatment of Hypertension in a Multinational Cohort
Presenter: Yuan Lu • Assistant Professor, Yale University

Factors Influencing Background Incidence Rate Calculation: Systematic Empirical Evaluation Across an International Network of Observational Databases
Presenter: Anna Ostropolets • PhD Student, Columbia University

Logistic regression models for patient-level prediction based on massive observational data: Do we need all data?
Presenter: Henrik John • PhD Student, Erasmus University

Learning patient-level prediction models across multiple healthcare databases: evaluation of ensembles for increasing model transportability
Presenter: Jenna Reps • Associate Director, Johnson & Johnson

Prior-Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for Accelerated Gibbs Sampling in “Large n, Large p” Bayesian Sparse Regression
Presenter: Aki Nishimura • Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites for our 2022 community calls go out each Friday. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly meetings will be posted on both our main OHDSI Teams tenant and on our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.