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Join Our CVD OHDSI Network Study on Acute STEMI!

Hello OHDSI Community,

We (@mirza_khan @mbrand @atifadam) are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for collaboration in new network study focusing on Acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). This study promises to deepen our understanding of STEMI patients’ characteristics and identify incidence rates across multiple real-world data datasets.

Why This Study Matters:

  • Acute myocardial infarction is a leading cause of hospital admission in the U.S., with STEMI being a critical subtype requiring immediate attention.
  • Accurate, scalable, and generalizable identification and characterization of STEMI in multi-country real-world data has numerous benefits, including informing resource allocation, promoting use of effective therapies and interventions, and improving cardiovascular health.

Study Highlights:

  • A cohort study using administrative claims or EHR data mapped to the OMOP CDM across the OHDSI network.
  • Aims to understand patient characteristics and incidence rates of acute STEMI.
  • Utilizes various standardized analytics in the OHDSI community, including the Strategus pipeline and HADES library.

We Need Your Participation!

  • Your expertise and data can significantly contribute to this large-scale study.
  • Collaboration is key to achieving a comprehensive and diverse understanding of STEMI across different populations and healthcare systems.

Get Involved:

Interested in participating? Please leave a comment on this post and we will get in touch with you!!

**Let’**s come together to make a meaningful impact in the field of cardiovascular health. Your participation is crucial in advancing our understanding and improving care for STEMI patients worldwide.

Looking forward to an engaging and successful collaboration!


Plest count me in :smiley:


I will share the results conducted using Korea’s EMR data. Please count me too.

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WashU is interested and can contribute

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Well done Atif, i will be happy yo participate

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Hi @SCYou, @Jaehyeong_Cho, @Thamir, @linyingz

Thanks for showing interest in participating in our network study. @atifadam @mirza_khan are very excited to have you and are curious to see how the results will look like across such a variety of data sources and countries.

I have reached out to everyone individually to see if you need help running the package and getting IRB approvals (if necessary), but as always feel free to reach out to me at milou.brand@iqvia.com. Equally, if you’ve been successful running the package already, feel free to share the results on the email address above!

Looking forward to collaborating!

@atifadam Count Singapore man! Excited to work with you on this study!

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Ajou univ can contribute, also.
Please mail me.

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Hi all, this looks like an exciting opportunity! Please count me in as well! Thanks

I’m happy to contribute to this interesting project!

Seoul national univ hospital is also interested and able to contribute. Please count me as well!