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JDBC SqlServer connection string exclude User/Username/Password

I am trying to use Azure Managed Service Identity, by including ;Authentication=ActiveDirectoryMsi in the datasource, that would authenticate between Azure resources in this case Appservice and SQl Database. But it seems the user/username/password is still being added in the connection string and its failing to authenticate with following error,

Cannot use “Authentication=ActiveDirectoryMSI” with “User”, “UserName” or “Password” connection string keywords.

Is there a settings or anyways to exclude user/username/password from the connection string ?

Hi David. Could you provide a little more information? What OHDSI tool is this about? WhiteRabbit? ATLAS? DatabaseConnector? Arachne?

Hi Martijn, Thank you for the quick response. This is related to Atlas Webapi database connections. Trying to avoid using username/password based connections, rather to use resource to resource access that Azure provides via Managed Service Identity. Managed identities for Azure resources | Microsoft Docs