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Java error message when reconstitue CPT4

Hi folks,

I downloaded the vocabulary(full set) from athena.ohdsi.org today (April 22 version), and when I ran the commend, it threw out the message like this. The concept.csv file size was getting bigger that its original. Is it good or I have to concern?


I:\vocab>java -Dumls-apikey={my-umls-api} -jar cpt4.jar 5
[INFO ] 2022-05-03 19:37:05.530 [main] ConceptService - Writing updated data to CONCEPT.csv
Updated CPT4 records: 16615/16615
[INFO ] 2022-05-03 19:59:41.197 [main] ConceptService - All cpt4 concepts are processed.
Exception in thread “main” org.odhsi.utils.cpt.Cpt4Exception: Unexpected code Response{protocol=http/1.1, code=401, message=Unauthorized, url=https://utslogin.nlm.nih.gov//cas/v1/tickets/TGT-406393-u3vqv19bkl2qwstfg-cas}
at org.odhsi.utils.cpt.restclient.RestTicketClient.checkSuccessful(RestTicketClient.java:76)
at org.odhsi.utils.cpt.restclient.RestTicketClient.logout(RestTicketClient.java:113)
at org.odhsi.utils.cpt.restclient.RestTicketClient.close(RestTicketClient.java:125)
at org.odhsi.utils.cpt.Application.main(Application.java:49)

The cpt4.jar add the concept name (description) to concept.csv, so it is likely to get larger. Is there an addition information in logs/logfile.log?

Hi Don,

I don’t see error or exception message in the logfile.

I would go ahead with loading the vocabulary. Maybe someone more familiar with the cpt4.jar code can tell you more about the errors you got.

Alright. Thank you very much Don!


Hi Guys:
I got the same error as well. but it raised the exception after the CPT4 was extracted.

Please open ticket in Athena GitHub

I have created an Athena issue. From what we see, the CPT4 reconstitution is however still complete, so we can keep using the cpt4.jar executable for the time being. Apparently the API call needs to be adjusted to a changed API definition on UMLS side.