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Is there a published phenotype for "has at least one covid vaccination" or simmilar?


We are looking to identify a patient population that has had at least one covid vaccination. Is there an existing phenotype for this (or something simmilar that we could build off of)?

I’m not seeing anything here:

Is there another place I should be looking (@Gowtham_Rao)?


Hey John @greshje.gmail

i dont see a contribution that identifies covid vaccine exposure cohort. There have been a few vaccine studies, but they also did not go into the library e.g. @schuemie lead https://github.com/ohdsi-studies/Eumaeus/tree/main/inst/cohorts that has several vaccine definitions but those were not covid vaccines. You could look here too OHDSI Studies · GitHub .

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@greshje.gmail: this is an Open-Source community. If you need something and it is not there - it is your job. :slight_smile:

But seriously. Would be nice to have such phenotype in the library. Shouldn’t be too hard.