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Is there a drug classification based on ICD code or diagnosis/condition

Is there a drug classification based on the Conditions it is used to treat- So something like an ICD code or diagnosis/condition and tthe list of recommended drugs to treat this dx/condition/ICD code.
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@PriyaDesai , there is no complete open-source vocabulary mapping between drugs and their indications. But at the OHDSI Symposium, I encourage you to take a look at the work by Yilu Fang, because that’s exactly the problem she’s aiming to solve by creating a novel workflow using GPT to parse FDA structured product labels and create an indication ontology.

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@Patrick_Ryan I see she is part of Chunhua’s lab- can you point me to any relevant papers ?

No papers yet, @PriyaDesai. The Symposium is the first time this is coming out. Will be very interesting what Yilu has come up with.

I also would be cautious and tune my expectation. Yilu has a special use case. But I would not expect that you can have a comprehensive mapping from each drug to all of the diseases, even if we had resources to create such a thing. it doesn’t work. For example, doctors prescribe sleeping pills for all sorts of situations, not just insomnia, but also anxiety, pain, pre-operative, etc.