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IS the classification consistent with the standard?

(Wang Man) #1

Hi,OHDSI the concept name is Basophils+Eosinophils+Monocytes from Athena,but the standard concept is classificaton.is the classification consistent with the standard ?can I deposit it in a standard concept ? if not, how should I store it?

(Christian Reich) #2

@Vines: Can you tell the CONCEPT_ID? Or paste the Athena URL with it?

(Wang Man) #3

the concept ID is 37026100

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

Which clinical entity do you want to represent by this concept?
See, you can’t put in MEASUREMENT.measurement_concept_id 3 entities. You’ll have only one value_as_number corresponding entry.
So, if you measure Basophils and Eosinophils and Monocytes, you have to split it to 3 concepts to represent result of this measerement.