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Is OhdsiSharing still the mechanism for sharing study results?

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up a mechanism for collaborators to upload analysis results. Seems that OhdsiSharing is the way to go, but I couldn’t find an explanation (or example showing) how to set it up.

I did manage to use the package to generate private and public keys, encrypt and decrypt files. But when I tried to use the key to sftpConnect (to then create a new study directory), I get the following error + warning:

Error in sftpConnect(privateKeyFileName, userName) :
Private key file does not contain RSA private key
In addition: Warning message:
In readChar(privateKeyFileName, file.info(privateKeyFileName)$size) :
truncating string with embedded nuls

What do I miss?

Thanks, happy new year!

We don’t use encryption anymore, because we found data sites need to inspect whatever they’re sharing, which is not possible when its encrypted with a public key. Instead, the current way to share results is via the SFTP functions implemented in OhdsiSharing.

@lee_evans : could you provide information on the current practice? (It might be good to capture this in a short vignette?)

Thanks for the response, @schuemie, I’d appreciate any information on the current practice or, even better, a short vignette.

I will add this info to the vignette @cyanover @schuemie