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Is concept_hierarchy table mandatory

  • I am trying to setup Atlas for my OMOP CDM database.
  • The script for results schema setup is running for almost a week.
  • URL I used to get the script -
  • After some analysis I found that the creation of concept_hierarchy is the reason for script taking so much time to complete the run.
  • What will be the effect on functionality of Atals if I remove concept_hierarchy part by setting initConceptHierarchy = false?
  • Is there any way to find the progress %.

@Chris_Knoll @gregk

You won’t be able to use any of the data-sources functions because the concept_hiearchy is used to provide the hierarchy of concepts on the domain type reports.

Otherwise, if you don’t use DataSources you should be able to start WebAPI without those tables.

However, I have found that the achilles tables do need to be populated due to the ‘record count’ functionality that is provided in the vocabulary search functions, so you should try to at least create the achilles tables in the CDM source your WebAPI references.

Can you please tell me the sql code used for concept_hirarchy?

With WebAPI running, you can go to:

WebAPI base URL/ddl/results?vocabSchema=<vocabSchema>&schema=<resultsSchema>&dialect=<dialect>&tempSchema=<tempSchema (if using Oracle or Spark, otherwise, remove)>

This script would be used for creating all needed results schemas in Atlas for that source, including the concept_hierarchy table.