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Invitation to participate in HemOnc.org January 2020 Hackathon

(Jeremy Warner) #1

Hello OHDSI members (especially for those of you in the Oncology-WG),

HemOnc.org was founded in 2011 as a collaborative wiki website of chemotherapy regimens, and is hosted with the MediaWiki platform (the same software that drives Wikipedia). In coordination with the OHDSI Oncology Subgroup, we have transformed a substantial subset of this content into the OMOP common data model, with bindings to multiple external vocabularies, e.g., RxNorm and the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus. This vocabulary, “HemOnc”, has a variety of use cases including the identification of chemotherapy treatment exposure from electronic health records at scale.

With the advent of precision oncology, an increasing number of chemotherapy regimens are tied to specific genomic or biomarker-based eligibility criteria, which are to date loosely represented on HemOnc.org or elsewhere. In coordination with the Drug Harmonization working group of the Variant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium, we will be holding a hackathon to address this issue.

The goal of this hackathon, to be held in San Diego on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, is to transform the genomic- and biomarker-mediated content of HemOnc.org into a consistent format that can be parsed and incorporated into the HemOnc vocabulary. No background in wiki editing is necessary - we will go over the basics as part of the hackathon! Please note that the location and date were chosen to be immediately adjacent to the AACR Workshop on Advancing Precision Medicine Drug Development. The hackathon will be held at a convenient location less than 10 minute’s walk from the AACR Workshop location.

Due to a generous grant from the NCI, we are able to offset $600 of your travel expenses; you will need to arrange your own travel and accommodation. Space is limited to approximately 15 attendees and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested, please fill out this form!

Jeremy Warner

(Patrick Ryan) #2

@Jeremy_Warner thank you for your leadership in putting this together. I am confident this will be a valuable and fun community activity, and encourage others to join you and contribute.