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Interest in an OHDSI Education Working Group?

(Nigel Hughes) #8

Thank you Dimitri. Will keep you in the loop.

(Nigel Hughes) #9

Hello Charles! Nice to hear from you too. Glad to things are progressing, and will keep you in the loop as well.

(Seng Chan You) #10

@nigehughes Please count me in for education in APAC network.

(Selva) #11

@nigehughes - Please include me in as well for OHDSI APAC. I am looking forward to learning as well as contribute.

(Nigel Hughes) #12

Dear @SCYou - thank you, and will include you in the list as we develop this

(Nigel Hughes) #13

Dear @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN - absolutely, will include you too in the list. More to follow.

(daniel morales) #14

Please add me too @nigehughes, sounds like a great idea.


(Elizabeth Betts) #15

Hey, I’d like to help with this! I work as a data scientist in Sarah Seager’s team at IQVIA, I’m fairly new to the company (3 months) but keen to assist where I can

(Sarah Seager) #16

Great stuff, Liz! We can combine efforts :dancing_women:

(Teng Liaw) #17

Thanks, Nigel, count me in. In addition to contributing, it would also enhance our digital health course with contemporary CDM concepts and use cases.

(Sara Khalid) #18

Thanks Nigel. Happy to be involved with this. best, Sara.

(Nigel Hughes) #19

Hi @danielmorales

Great! I’ll look to setting up a meeting in due course to initiate the whole process around setting up this WG.

(Nigel Hughes) #20

Hi @lizbetts

Welcome aboard, looking forward to connecting when we speak on this - meeting set up to follow in due course. Good luck in your new role!

(Nigel Hughes) #21

Looking forward to working together @TengLiaw - and to discussing our courses.

(Nigel Hughes) #22

Thanks Sara, looking forward to working together on this too!

(Ross Williams) #23

Hi Nige,

I’m also keen in helping out with this and I am also helping to set up an early stage researchers WG within ohdsi so see a lot of potential for crossover there

(Nigel Hughes) #24

Hi @RossW - excellent, and indeed I would imagine a lot of linkage across WGs.

I’m working on an overall remit and propose that we likely meet first together after Easter, so next month, to kick this off.

More to follow…

(Lee Evans) #25

Hi @nigehughes I’m interested in this working group. Please include me.

(Nigel Hughes) #26

Hi @lee_evans - thank you, will keep you in the loop too as we set this up.

(Asieh Golozar) #27

Hi @nigehughes, I’d like to help with this. Please count me in.