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Installing Eunomia problem


I am new to OHDSI and am trying to do the exercises in the Book of OHDSI. I tried several ways to install Eunomia package and all failed. I am not confident if I am writing in the right place to ask for help. But, appreciate any assistance.



This is a good place to post. Did you want to post the command you are trying to execute and the error you are getting?

I think that this is the issue - CRAN - Package Eunomia - package was removed from CRAN.

I just ran into this issue when trying to automate unit tests for the DQD - GitHub Actions is unable to install the Eunomia package used in one of the DQD tests.

Please let us know if there’s an alternate install method suggested, or if a fix to the CRAN package is in the works :slight_smile: thanks!

For now, please install Eunomia using


@frank: any update on your efforts to get Eunomia back into CRAN?

This worked, thanks!