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Installing Eunomia problem


I am new to OHDSI and am trying to do the exercises in the Book of OHDSI. I tried several ways to install Eunomia package and all failed. I am not confident if I am writing in the right place to ask for help. But, appreciate any assistance.



This is a good place to post. Did you want to post the command you are trying to execute and the error you are getting?

I think that this is the issue - CRAN - Package Eunomia - package was removed from CRAN.

I just ran into this issue when trying to automate unit tests for the DQD - GitHub Actions is unable to install the Eunomia package used in one of the DQD tests.

Please let us know if there’s an alternate install method suggested, or if a fix to the CRAN package is in the works :slight_smile: thanks!

For now, please install Eunomia using


@frank: any update on your efforts to get Eunomia back into CRAN?

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This worked, thanks!

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Good Day.


above code worked for me when


mentioned in step 2 from

gave error.

Can you please update this solution / workaround if possble? Many Thanks.

I suggest you go with broadsea-atlasdb docker container, which contains a PostgreSQL database with the EUNOMIA data already set up.

For future reference, it is helpful if you include the error message you received. Saying ‘gave error’ is not enough information to provide a solution or workaround.