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INSERT problem with SqlRender and JDBC library for BigQuery

(Myung Choi) #1

I am trying to use SqlRender and SAMBA JDBC library to talk to BigQuery. SELECT works fine. But, INSERT is causing error with [Simba]JDBC Driver does not support this optional feature. I did Google search, and it seems like it’s because of connection’s autocommit feature, which we can’t turn it off with SAMBA BigQuery JDBC library.

In GitHub for OHDSI, the Database Connector repo just ignores the exception.

Does anyone have a fix for this? I can’t find the fix from google search. I hope developers here may have a fix for this.

(Jose Posada) #2

Hi @myungchoi. This is a well know problem for BQ. I believe @Konstantin_Yaroshove have some updates that overcome some of that problem

(Konstantin Yaroshovets) #3

Hi @myungchoi,

You need to update DatabaseConnector to get rid of that problem:

devtools::install_github("OHDSI/DatabaseConnector", ref="v2.4.4")