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Input needed in Database Catalogue

(Peter Rijnbeek) #1

Dear All,

I think the ongoing COVID-19 Study-a-thon and the many requests we get from our valuable stakeholders demonstrate we need to do a better job in making our data Findable. In EHDEN as also announced in this post we have put effort in this topic. We will use the database catalog for all the European data sources that are being mapped to OMOP-CDM and will scale up to global OHDSI.

We therefore like to give you a second chance to provide input on the questionnaire that contains the extrinsic (contextual) meta data. You can find the current list of questions here:DataCatalogue_May2020_v1.xlsx (23.2 KB)

Next to that we have developed a pipeline that uses a selection of Achilles results that can be uploaded in the catalog by the data custodian (intrinsic meta data):

This uploaded file will be automatically rendered to visualisations that show the network growth, allows for concept level searches on multiple data sources:

In the earlier post you can find more information on this.

Any thoughts on visualisations you would like to see?

We keep this input phase open for one more week!

(Daniel Prieto-Alhambra) #2

This is great peter and very useful I think to vaccine reviewers against surgisfear :wink:
I did already provide feedback to the questionnaire some time ago but we’ve probably done this with a very europe-centric flavour so input from others would be indeed most useful