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Inpatient visit and discharge

  1. I have questions about ‘inpatient visit 9201’ versus ‘inpatient hospital 8717’. It seems that ‘visit’ is the parent category of ‘hospital’. However, if I only search for ‘inpatient visit’ (with a period), I may miss individuals who were only coded as ‘inpatient hospital’ (many of whom have daily coding).

  2. I saw this posting saying discharge_to_concept_id=0 means no healthcare interaction following the visit, which means they go home I suppose (“Discharge to” acceptable SNOMED CT concept for deceased patients - #5 by LeileifromUK).
    However, I do have cases where individuals were discharged with discharge_to_concept_id=0, yet when I link their visit_end_date (representing their current hospitalization eg, 1/1/2023-1/31/2023) using the visit_occurrence table, I find that they have subsequent visits coded either as 9201 (eg, 2/1/2023-2/5/2023) or 8717 (eg, 2/1/2023, 2/2/2023, 2/3/2023). How can I determine whether this represents the same hospitalization (for example, from 1/1 to 2/5), or if the individual switched to another inpatient unit?