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Informal REDCap "Working Group"

Hi community,

A few institutions are going to have a meeting soon to discuss how we’re currently exporting from OMOP to REDCap, as well as identify best practice across REDCap projects within and across institutions. There are several forum posts discussing REDCap export to OMOP, and these are incredibly informative with regard to crosswalking REDCap project concepts to OMOP and vice versa (great presentation at 2021 OHDSI symposium, @mgurley !). We think there’s a need to work out some standard methods, sharing of tools, and discussing REDCap to OMOP pipelines with other community members.

If you’re interested in joining and sharing your current methods, or seeing how others in the community are implementing theirs, please let us know by reaching out either on this post or in a direct message.

We don’t have anything approaching a working group proposal developed, and we’re not yet sure if there is a clear need, or substantial community interest.

Tagging members I’ve seen posting on the topic in the past and/or are involved in some kind of REDCap project development:
@mgurley @rimma @MPhilofsky @awinder @krfeeney


@Daniel_Smith Would love to participate!

@Daniel_Smith, I’m also happy to participate, as a heavy REDCap and REDCap API user and a very fresh OHDSI member, mainly focusing on oncology.

Great @mgurley ! I’ll copy you on the meeting invitation.

@Joe_Murray , welcome to the community! I’ll copy you on the meeting invitation as well. Can you send your email in a private message? I’m focused on oncology myself, and highly recommend joining the Oncology Working Group (join the journey: under step 2 join the MS Teams environment request form, request to join the Oncology WG).

@Daniel_Smith i would be interested in joining the discussion. Thanks

@Daniel_Smith , please include me in the working group too. My organisation is on the cusp of implementing the OMOP CDM and we also heavily use REDCap. So it would be good to hear from others how best to integrate the two.


@Daniel_Smith Please include me in the discussion. I’m interested in this topic. Thanks!

@Daniel_Smith Could you please also include me into the working group? Very interested in learning more about REDCap and OMOP integration.

Hi @Daniel_Smith,

I am interested in joining the discussion.

Interested in joining and learning REDCap and OMOP integration

I’m also interested in joining in this conversation!

Hello again all,

We have a meeting of the “WG” on Dec 7th 2021 at 12pm EST. Michael Gurley will present the work he’s done at Northwestern to integrate REDCap with OMOP. During this meeting, we’ll plan to confirm that biweekly meetings will work for the participants, and then plan to pick meetings back up after the new year.

If you’re not already on the email thread, and would like to be invited, let me know via DM or on this thread, and I’ll DM you the meeting link.

Look forward to seeing you there!