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Incorporating Nursing records into OMOP CDM

(Seonyeong Oh) #1

Hello, all of you

We are SooYoung Kim and SeonYeong Oh, Korean nurses, and work for the Bio-Medical Informatics (BMI) Lab, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH).

We are looking forward to building the foundation of translating a massive volume of nursing records into OMOP CDM based on NANDA (the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association) in the purpose of standardization. https://challengesandinitiatives.trubox.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/601/2018/12/Nanda-Nursing-diagnosis-list-2018-2020.pdf
Primarily, raw nursing records are now with us to incorporate into the CDM, and we developed our study concepts, in which three distinct concepts exist, nursing diagnosis, nursing assessment and intervention, and evaluation, respectively following predominantly formed types in SNUH. Therefore, if there are no other preceding examples to incorporate nursing records into CDM yet, we would like to do it ourselves following the comments/advice of you left.

There are two distinct options.

Firstly, we can develop new domain which is not developed yet at the same level with other domains such as drugs, measurement, and so on.

For the next, we can put nursing data into the established domains.

We think nursing records play a critical role and very importantly take part in the treatment process in terms of cooperation with clinicians. As a result of this study, therefore, we expect that more evidence-based nursing intervention could be performed from retrospectively evaluated nursing records and broaden the sights of nurses in nursing patients with the ramifications of of our study.

If anyone made an effort or tried before, could you share your experience or ideas to us for the sake of building nursing records CDM in terms of setting and codes and domains?
What if you have experienced so far, please contact me via sy06v96@gmail.com or leave an answer for us.

Many thank you for the help.

(Christian Reich) #2

@Otto: Welcome to the family.

What kind of study do you have in mind? Is there anything specific you want to go after?