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Including only specific concept covariates in patient level prediction studies

I’m trying to build some PLP models that take only specific diagnoses as covariates (eg high blood pressure, diabetes etc).
From the Book of OHDSI I gather I need to select the concept sets I’ve created for each diagnosis in the “What concepts do you want to include in baseline covariates in the patient-level prediction model? (Leave blank if you want to include everything) ”.

However in my installation of Atlas (Version 2.10.0) and also in the demo Atlas, once I click the folder icon and the concepts list comes up, no matter where I click, the concept will not be added.
I tried to bypass this by adding the concept set ids manually to “A comma delimited list of covariate IDs that should be restricted to ”, but this seems to break the covariate view altogether since after exiting the view, the covariate settings do not open again.

Has anyone had the same issues? Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated,