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In which database to put results schema for WebAPI?

In the release notes for WebAPI v2.8.0, @Chris_Knoll says,

Important note : The 2.8 line of WebAPI will be the last release to support Oracle and MS Sql as the WebAPI database platform. (Note CDM databases are not impacted by this). So, for future major/minor releases, you will need to install a Postgres instance. We can look into community driven support for other platforms, but going forward official support will be limited to Postgresql for WebAPI.

This is clear. However, I’m unsure about the results schema referenced by the documentation for CDM Configuration for use with WebAPI.

If I have my CDM database on SQL Server and my OHDSI database on PostgreSQL, then which one should (or can) contain this read-write results schema?

Must it be in my OHDSI database on PostgreSQL?

Or do I have the flexibility – even under WebAPI v2.9+ – to situate my results schema on SQL Server alongside my CDM schema?

Hello @quinnt,

Results schema should be alongside CDM schema. The quoted note refers to a WebAPI internal database that is required for application data, it doesn’t contain any medical records and/or analysis results.

Thanks, @rookie_crewkie

After yesterday’s (4/13/2021) excellent presentation on ACHILLES by @Frank, I’m hoping he can also shed some light on the results schema required by ACHILLES.

Is it the same results schema as used by ATLAS (or, more properly, by WebAPI)?

I’m wondering if its support for non-PostgreSQL databases is also going away…

Yes, the same results schema is used by ATLAS/WebAPI and ACHILLES tools.
OHDSI tools rely on SqlRender package in terms of DB dialects support. You can find supported dialects here: