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In ATLAS Cohort Definition, under the tab 'Messages', when do entries get added and when they are reset/removed?

Trying to understand when ‘Messages’ in ATLAS/CohortDefinitions get recorded and the circumstances under which they are re-evaluated / reset.

Using ATLAS as an example, it has a message “It’s not specified what type of records to look for in drug exposure at initial event” of Severity “Info”.

But from my newbie-level of understanding, the cohort definition is correct, and this message does not apply.

I wondered if this would get ‘reset’ when I run ‘Generate’ against the SYNPUF1K data source. The generation proceeds, but the message count and the message entry does not get reset.

This behavior does not seem to be limited to ‘Info’ messages. Using ATLAS as an example, there are 4 warnings and 2 information messages that are sticky and do not get reset / re-evaluated at ‘Generate’.