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Importing JSON files into new Cohort definitions?

Hi folks,

I’m working on developing a set of cohorts. I inherited a JSON file representing a cohort definition, with instructions to “paste into Atlas as a new cohort definition.”
Looking at its structure, the JSON file does look like what I should see under the Export tab of a cohort definition.

However, I don’t see a feature to IMPORT a JSON file into ATLAS. Is this even possible?

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Importing and Exporting happen at the same place in the UI. Go to a new cohort definition, and then go to the ‘Export’ tab. You’ll see the current (empty) cohort definition displayed as JSON. From here, you can edit the JSON (including pasting the JSON from your other cohort definition) and click ‘reload’. So, in this way, you are ‘importing’ a cohort definition…but technically you’re modifying/reloading the exported value. We considered a separate ‘import’ UI element for cohort definitions, but at the time it seemed redundant to ‘reloading JSON’ in the export UI.