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ICD9CM M Codes (neoplasm morphology) not found in ATHENA

Dear all,

This is Juan Manuel Ramírez from PSMAR in Barcelona (Spain).
I have several ICD9CM M codes (neoplasm morphology) in my data that I am not able to find in ATHENA.
When I select in ATHENA the vocabulary ICD9CM y found the following available classes in the dropdown menu:
3-dig billing E code (44)
3-dig billing V code (1)
3-dig billing code (92)
3-dig nonbill E code (171)
3-dig nonbill V code (89)
3-dig nonbill code (836)
4-dig billing E code (1247)
4-dig billing V code (474)
4-dig billing code (3863)
4-dig nonbill V code (159)
4-dig nonbill code (1730)
5-dig billing V code (634)
5-dig billing code (8212)
ICD9CM code (12)

V and E codes are available within these codes. Is it planned to include also M codes? Is it possible they are somehow included in other vocabulary?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hello @palilson and welcome to OHDSI!

Try looking in the ICDO (ICD Oncology) vocabulary.