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ICD9 Vocabulary is missing

ICD9 Vocabulary is missing from Athena. @Christian_Reich or @Alexdavv can you shed some light on this?

Are you sure?

Yes! I don’t see it on your screenshot, either. I’m seeking “ICD9” from the WHO. Not the country specific versions.

I noticed that too and I have been trying to find an authoritative source to confirm that ICD-9 is a subset of ICD-9-CM or not. If it is then for ETL purposes we can use ICD-9-CM and we don’t need ICD-9 as a separate vocabulary.

We never had the raw ICD-9. When we started with OHDSI, the US was the only major country left with ICD-9-CM, except some pockets in Canada.

Do we need it?

We have death registry data coded with ICD9. But if the ICD9CM has the same codes with the same descriptions as ICD9, we can make ICD9CM work.

Is ICD9 completely represented in ICD9CM? Same codes with same descriptions?