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ICD9/10 in French Data


(Erica Voss) #1

@Christian_Reich, @mvanzandt, @krfeeney -

How did IQVIA handle mapping of the French DA to ICD9/10? Was it primarily mapped to the international standard and additions added to SOURCE_TO_CONCEPT_MAP? In the EHDEN COVID-19 Rapid Collaboration Call we have a couple French data partners and are looking take advantage of any prior work in this space. I know @gregk & @mik already has some thoughts in this area, however I wanted to just cover all bases.

Also, is there any updated documentation on this data set - the copy I have internal is pretty old.

Tagging some other friends @MaximMoinat, @Rijnbeek

Information on EHDEN COVID-19 Rapid Collaboration Call - https://www.ehden.eu/04-2020-covid19-data-partner-call/

(Mui Van Zandt) #2

I don’t know off the top of my head. Let me ask the team.

(Christian Reich) #3

It’s part of the production process. Local coding or text fields are bridged (as they call it) to the ICD. We are actually thinking of shortcutting this and go directly to SNOMED.

Folks should officially nominate their vocabularies to the Vocab Team, and then we can see how this is best done. Much better than trying to cobble it together.

And you know my opinion about the SOURCE_TO_CONCEPT_MAP. :slight_smile:

(Erica Voss) #4

Stay away from my SOURCE_TO_CONCEPT_MAP baby.

@Christian_Reich - Wait, I think you answered a different question. They have ICD9/10 codes but it is the French version. So my question is how was this handled in France DA?

(Christian Reich) #5

Oh. We are already on to it. @Mik knows.